Bag News Critic was created to empower and encourage our customers to believe failure is NOT and I repeat is NOT an option. No matter what your internal struggles are, you do not have to look like, what you've been through. Just like one our stylish handbags, your internal contents are compartmentalized and hidden away until you are ready to reveal them, while your external reflects perfection.


I was at a point in my life where I felt completely alone because of my mistakes. God told me he loved me and he will accept me with my flaws and all. No matter how much baggage I had, he wanted me.  It was at that intimate moment he reminded me , I was the apple of his eye (Psalms 17:8 KJV). From that moment I was inspired to spread the good news of his unconditional love.


Every time someone or something attempted to sew a seed of negativity, I critiqued the pessimism with positive momentum and affirmations. Now, I am the founder and owner of Bag News Critic Handbag Boutique. I share this blessing with my three rock star daughters who witnessed me pivot from pit to palace.


Our mission is to encourage our customers to adopt the "BNC "methodology. It simply states to purchase with intent because your PURSE HAS PURPOSE!


With Love and Encouragement, 

Tamicka L. Graham